Posted by: jeffbabl | February 18, 2011


Inspired by Sam Bates blog I’m writing a blog post about our beloved on campus food provider, Chartwells (please note sarcasm).  Let’s start with meal plans.  Instead of refunding your money if you choose not eat a meal, you still pay chartwells. Because of this, I literally took out student loans to not eat food.  Instead of requiring a 21/15 meal plan, they should have a block system of 250 meals a semester and you can use them anytime you want. You have one hour to use your Sunday night (21st) meal or you lose it.  Last year they didn’t even serve a Sunday night meal and so if you had the 21 meal plan you lost a meal every week regardless if you wanted to use it. The transfer rates are ridiculous – I can eat upstairs at a buffet, but down stairs I can’t even get a slice of pizza and a drink without having to pay additional money.  The hours are out of whack, who stops serving breakfast at 10:00 a.m. and serves lunch till 5:00pm.  The breakfast and lunch transfer should over lap until noon and you can choose which one to use.  Coyote Jacks is now open until 11:00 p.m. but when I go around 9:00 to get food, they are out of onion rings and refuse to serve me any even when I ask them too, EVERY TIME!  This is mainly because the staff at chartwells is just plain lazy and unfriendly.  In addition to the onion rings, when I get taco bell and ask for no tomatoes, around 80% of the time I get tomatoes.  Staff are usually standing around texting and not paying attention to students who are many times in a hurry to get to their next class.  Most of the chartwells staff are international and struggle with orders.  At the newly renovated Outtakes the problem just keeps getting worse.  Before the renovation I could get a large pouch of gummy snacks or trail mix for $1.99 but now it is in a cup 1/16th the size and the prize is $4.75, WOW!  At Wal-Mart, Top Ramen costs around 80 cents a pack, but a Outtakes it is marked up three times face value.   The food quality is terrible, stale chicken and cold mashed potatoes are a regular and many foods are served every day. When I go and eat a home cooked meal I feel like I’ve deprived myself of real food.

This wonderful letter to the editor to The Antelope, describes the shutting the entrance gate to the URN cafeteria.  This is where I eat a majority of my meals.  They claim that students aren’t being honest and swiping there cards.  Now I know firsthand this is full of crap.  When I would finish loading my tray at URN and hand my card for them to swipe there was NO ONE there EVER.  Now how are we the ones who are in trouble when the staff decides to not do their job and swipe our cards, and go in the back and chat?  The food at URN is three times as bad as the commons.  There are peppers in every dish and half the time its leftovers or a mystery casserole for dinner.  To top that off, most of the time the plates and glasses are dirty and not washed thoroughly.

Another update as to why food service is so bad here happened to me yesterday Feb 18th.  The price of a soda at Loper Express is $1.60 and so if you do the math you should be able to get three sodas at $4.80 with 70cents leftover, BUT they limit you to only two bottles of soda per transfer, EVEN THOUGH it’s covered by my meal plan.

The whole monopoly of Chartwells is described perfectly in Erik Dodge’s blog.

In conclusion, my experience with Chartwells in my three years at UNK has been nothing more than terrible.  I cannot wait to see if we get a new food service provider at the end of the year as this is Chartwells’s contract year.  Anything would be better than what we currently have.



  1. It is just flat out ridiculous that they mark up prices as high as 3 times the face value. They are pretty much getting away with robbery!

  2. The prices to transfer at Loper Express are utterly ridiculous. Almost $6 for a pint of ice cream? Plus the transfer value is only $5.50 when people who have a 15 meal plan are paying $6.95 per meal. You’re right. We are literally paying to not eat food.

  3. I just noticed the title of this post and I laughed out loud. “Fartwells,” potty humor never gets old even when I’m almost 22.

  4. I may need to add Chartwells to the forbidden list…..

  5. […] of the platform, the final post, is on campus dining.  As shown by recent posts in the class by myself, Erik Dodge, and Sam Bates this is a vital issue for UNK students.  Both President Gonzales and […]

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