Posted by: jeffbabl | April 15, 2011

Presidential Platform – Part 7

Police and Parking Services

Both elected officials tend to agree with Dr. Hanson that parking on campus isn’t a huge problem at all, but they do believe some aspects need changed.  Residential parking seems to them to be adequate but commuter parking of late has become strained.    The pair has already hosted meetings with the Police and Parking Services and the Chancellor to find way to add more parking spaces for commuting students.  Specific areas of parking development are Lot 32 (south of Randall and Mantor Halls) and west of 9th Avenue (east of Martin, Nester, and Founders Hall).  In addition to fixing parking, there is a need to repave 28th street (south of the towers and north of the union) to fix the numerous potholes.  Also the issuing of parking tickets will be lowered from its current time on Fridays to noon because many students and staff are off campus by that time on weekends.  Finally, last year parking ticket fines were increased by university officials without input from student government.  Gonzales and Mena-Werth will oppose any possible increase in fines and parking permits.

I tend to agree with Dr. H and Gonzales that parking on this campus is not a major concern compared to others.  I do like extending commuter parking because of construction on campus the main commuter lot has lost a number of spaces.  The repaving of 28th is also something to be addressed because that road is full of potholes that can damage cars.  Lowering the 5:00 cap for parking tickets is perfect for this campus as many people leave on weekends.  In addition, I would like to see this lowered on weekdays because many commuters and faculty are off campus by late afternoon.  Lowering permit prices seems un-logical but keeping the price the same is essential for Police and Parking Services to remain afloat without nickel and diming students.  Opposing ticket fines is very important because UNK officers are doing nothing more than a witch-hunt trying to fine students.



  1. Jeff, you were doing so well up until the last sentence or two. Then you fell into the rhetoric that makes me hate students writing about parking…

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