Posted by: jeffbabl | April 20, 2011

Presidential Platform – Part 8 …. 1 more to go


Senators Jordan Gonzales and Mena-Werth have many notable accomplishments during their tenures with student government.  They hope to add the proposed ideas in their platform to the list of accomplishments after their term end next spring.  Some notable accomplishments for the duo included creating the Residential and Greek life subcommittee.  This committee was created for residence hall delegates to be informed on student government and for student government updated on resident programs.   The Collegiate Readership Program was supported by Senator Gonzales when it was established three years ago.  The CRP provides students access to newspapers from the Hub, World Herald, and USA Today to enhance the learning environment on campus.  As a JMC major I love the CRP and am happy it was passed due in part to Gonzales.  Creating the Student Organization of the Month award is another accomplishment because the award has served as a beacon of excellence for student organizations by honoring organizations that perform excellence in programming, community service, and campus involvement. Advocating for student jobs and outdoor recreation facilities have been recently accomplishment for the pair.  They have kept many student jobs around, when budget cuts have called for the elimination.  The newly demolished Stout Hall will be home to sand volleyball pits thanks to the efforts of the duo.  There are numerous other accomplishments within student government that have been beneficial as well.

My next blog post about the presidential platform will be the final one of the series and the biggest issue the elected pair hope to tackle, or sink their teeth into, campus dining.  As a dear friend of the president elect I wish him the best of luck in his upcoming presidency/regency, and based on the accomplishments above and the detailed platform proposed I have a feeling his presidency will be very successful not only for him but the UNK student body and UNK as a whole.


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