Posted by: jeffbabl | April 27, 2011

A blog about not blogging

As the semester has progressed I have clipped newspapers articles and bookmarks news haeadlines on the internet.  I was hoping to blog about each one of these topics but as time wore on I was either too busy to find time to sit down and write a blog post, and after awhile some topics lose their timeliness.  It would make no sense writing about something two months prior because many people have forgot about the topic.  So after compiling piles of clippings and clogging my favorites bar, here is the list of topics I wished to blog about but ran out of time:

The new NCAA basketball tournament TV scheduling; the UNO cutting of football and wrestling programs; the NBA/NHL playoffs; the Auburn tree poisoner;  teenage engagements/marriages/pregnancies; 18th century America/Politics vs. 21st century;  pros and cons of coffee drinking;  gas prices;  facebook: the movie, the twins, and privacy;  Miss America – from Nebraska;  Nebraska’s splitting of its’ electoral college votes;  Nebraska’s license plates: new design and possibly eliminating the requirement to have two plates.

I have a few ideas that I will post about later this week, but I am open to writing about one the topics above if anyone would like to hear my thoughts.



  1. I understand what you say pretty well. I am not capable of just writing about the news…the news are objective fr me and there not much more to say about them . I usually don’t have strong opinions about anything, I just like others to tell me their thoughts and then I share a bunch of them and learn from all.

  2. 18th vs. 21st century politics, definitely. But all of your ideas sound interesting!

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